#ZumaMustfall, junk status continues to dominate headlines – Roi Africa – News24

#ZumaMustfall, junk status continues to dominate headlines – Roi Africa – News24

Johannesburg – The country’s junk status and ZumaMustFall continued to dominate media headlines South Africa this week, media monitoring organisation RoiAfrica said on Sunday.

“The charts were pretty constant week on week, with #JunkStatus top of the pile and ZumaMustFall related coverage a close second,” said managing director Tonya Khoury in a statement.

Articles dealing with SA’s junk status according to a ratings agency took up just 20% of all the media interest, while those dealing with Zuma took up just under 19%.

“Further focus on the Guptas this week rounds up the top three stories.”

The World Economic Forum on Africa was a new entry, garnering 13% of all coverage, while the recent cabinet reshuffle reappeared in the charts after the court decision in favour of the DA’s request for Zuma to release the reasons behind the ministerial changes.

Social media was keenly focused on Worker’s Day and the booing of Zuma at Cosatu’s gathering, with just under a quarter of all chatter surrounding this. A similar proportion was attributed to ongoing interest in #Zumamustfall.

Meanwhile, even internationally, May Day was a key focus as various civil rights protests broke out in various countries.

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