Travellers get lucky with cheap fares to Europe, States –

Travellers get lucky with cheap fares to Europe, States –

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Aucklanders grab huge deals on airfares and holiday packages at Travel Bazaar.

Hundreds of would-be travellers have flocked to snap up overseas holiday deals and airline tickets at up to $1500 or more off the usual price.

A one-day event in Auckland hosted by House of Travel has seen travel enthusiasts planning their next trip within minutes.

“The biggest destination seems to be the States,” said Katrina Cole from House of Travel.

People try their luck to win prizes at House of Travel's Travel Bazaar at ASB showgrounds, Auckland


People try their luck to win prizes at House of Travel’s Travel Bazaar at ASB showgrounds, Auckland

“Bookings seems to be just flying in. Hawaii seems to be really popular.

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“People are looking for [trips in] August, usually the weather’s the worst here in New Zealand so people are getting away.”

Among the bargains on offer were return flights to Los Angeles with American Airlines starting from $799, down from $1700 previously.

Premium economy flights on the same route were on sale from $2185, knocking $1500 off the original price. 

Return flights to Hawaii were going at $699 a pop and while to Rarotonga was $399.

Apart from flights, the expo also had deals on tours, cruising and holiday packages.

Paul Cameron said he’d found some “good air fares and wonderful deals”, which might be prompting a trip to New York in October.

“I came looking for flights from Auckland to London in September and I found flights that were about a $100 cheaper than they were on Friday,” Keeran Patel, who walked out with a ticket said.

However, a handful of visitors were disappointed. 

Some of the common roadblocks were either their travel dates didn’t match, or the destinations they were planning to visit weren’t on offer.

David Newman visited the fair looking for a deal to Guam.

“I’m looking for information on Guam, there’s none,” he said.

Another disgruntled visitor, Matt Clark, was looking for flights for next year but the dates weren’t working out.

Not letting dates be an issue, Tarsem Jassi adjusted his trip a little and “got a great deal to San Francisco”.

“It’s not the exact dates that I want to fly, but it’s $500 cheaper,” he said.

Many were just there to look around and get a feel for the deals available. 

“We’ve got some deals that will last during the week, but there are some specials only for today,” Brendan Drury, owner operator at House of Travel, Parnell, said.

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