Find out who the best drivers are in South Africa – Times LIVE

Find out who the best drivers are in South Africa – Times LIVE

Find out who the best drivers are in South Africa

Roxanne Henderson | 2017-05-07 16:33:03.0

Image by: Gallo Images/iStockphoto

Actuaries‚ biokineticists and computer programmers are the best behaved drivers in the country.

This is according to data compiled by Discovery Insure on its member drivers.

The insurer uses telematics technology and behavioural economics to help its members become better drivers. Their clients are monitored and provided with an analysis of how well they drive. Clients are then rewarded with incentives like fuel discounts for responsible driving‚ including not using a cell phone on the road and sticking to the speed limit.

“When it comes to male and female drivers‚ results show that overall‚ females are still better drivers than males. The only area where females fair worse than males is in distracted driving. Females tend to be more distracted for various reasons‚” said the company’s Precious Nduli‚ Head of Technical Marketing.

One of the reasons for women are more distracted on the road is their cell phone use.

Men‚ however‚ tend to speed and lose out on points in their acceleration‚ breaking and cornering scores.

The Western Cape had the best drivers across the country’s provinces‚ followed closely by Gauteng.

Next was Kwazulu-Natal‚ then the Free State‚ the Eastern Cape‚ the Northern Cape‚ Limpopo‚ North West and Mpumalanga.

The Automobile Association of South Africa (AA)‚ releasing the results of a national survey on Friday‚ found that about 90% of motorists believe compliance with the laws of the road has worsened over the past two years — and 75% believe the attitude of motorists towards one another deteriorated.

“These results are actually quite breath-taking as they seem to indicate‚ once again‚ that most motorists believe the problems on South African roads are someone else’s fault”‚ the AA said. “Too many drivers believe road traffic laws don’t apply to them”.

The survey also found that faulty traffic lights were a major cause of concern on the roads‚ particularly in metropolitan areas.

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