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The editors of Travel + Leisure magazine apparently missed the memo about Charlotte being a “world class” metropolis. They ranked Charlotte among the least attractive and rudest cities in the country.

Travel + Leisure magazine annually ranks cities in its “America’s Favorite Places” and this year used 50,000 votes to place 38 cities in dozens of categories.

Least attractive

Charlotte came in at No. 4 of 9 cities voted “America’s Least Attractive Cities.”

“There’s no arguing that amidst its spacious skies and purple mountain majesties, the United States has some objectively gorgeous people,” Travel + Leisure writer Peter Schlesinger wrote. “But looks aren’t everything, and, as the saying goes, ‘beauty attracts the eye, but personality attracts the heart.’ Some cities, it seems, rely more on the heart.”

And while Travel + Leisure didn’t detail precisely why Charlotte was voted one of the least attractive, they did manage to muster a bit of praise for the Queen City,

“Readers appreciate Charlotte, North Carolina for its cleanliness,” Schlesinger wrote. “The pristine city is a banking mecca, and its central Uptown district is home to multiple Fortune 500 companies. Employees at Bank of America and Wells Fargo may work long hours, but they also like to stay active, playing tennis in Freedom Park or hiking in the surrounding Piedmont region. Somehow, that didn’t boost their attractive score.”


Unfortunately, Travel + Leisure voters thought Charlotte’s southern charm fell short and they ranked it No. 14 of 15 on a list of “America’s Rudest Cities.”

“Maybe travelers just ran into a bunch of stressed out Charlotte residents at the airport,” Travel + Leisure writer Katrina Brown Hunt wrote. “Charlotte-Douglas International Airport is an airport you definitely want to avoid in the summer, and nothing makes people ruder than a flight delay. If you want to play nice with the locals, however, cheer on the Panthers at D9 Brewing Co.’s taproom.”

Most romantic

But Charlotte isn’t all bad, according to Travel + Leisure voters. They ranked the Queen City No. 11 of 25 for “The Most Romantic Cities in the U.S.” in February.

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Charlotte ranked among least attractive, rudest cities by Travel + … – Charlotte Observer