America's Taliban scores a win as Tom Price prepares to nix birth control coverage – Daily Kos

Welcome to the Handmaid’s Tale, I’ll be your guide today.

While Republicans celebrate stripping health insurance from millions of Americans—sorry, chumps, but rich people need their tax cuts—the administration’s Health and Human Services lout is already preparing even more imminent healthcare cuts. But only for the womenfolk.

President Trump and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price also indicated that, even aside from the sweeping changes to existing protections under Obamacare, the White House is ready to start rolling back birth control coverage. […]

“We welcome today’s executive order directing the Department of Health and Human Services to reexamine the previous administration’s interpretation of the Affordable Care Act’s preventive services mandate, and commend President Trump for taking a strong stand for religious liberty,” his press release says. “We will be taking action in short order to follow the President’s instruction to safeguard the deeply held religious beliefs of Americans who provide health insurance to their employees.”

That would be Thursday’s so-called “religious liberty” order, which among other things makes your health care dependent on whether some archconservative American Taliban type believes Jesus would or wouldn’t want you to have each specific element of it. And of course we’re talking about getting rid of birth control coverage, rather than anything else, because there are certain employers and lawmakers who believe that if you have The Sex without getting The Pregnant you are a bad person and are going to conservative hell. So they’ll be getting rid of coverage for that, no matter what anybody else’s religion says about the matter. An employer’s religion trumps the religious beliefs of their employees; Tom Price’s religion matters more than yours.

Which is an amazing place for us to be. That’s right: Tom Price, who Republicans approved for his current position despite clear evidence of corruption, and we’re going to keep bringing that up, will now be elevating his own religious beliefs over yours as matter of nationwide federal policy—and calling it religious freedom while doing so.

If it was another religion we’d be calling it sharia law, and Tom Price would be soiling himself in fear. When it comes time to forcing the rest of America to abide by his own religion, though, this petty crook can’t wait to sign the paperwork.

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